Keep MontCo Food Pantries at the Top of Their Game!

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Keep MontCo Food Pantries at the Top of Their Game!    image

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MontCo Anti-Hunger Network provides resources that help
47 food pantries feed more than 60,000 people per year!

Your dollars pay for:

  • Food pantry connection to large scale resources, like CARES Act funding and USDA Farmers to Families food boxes, that individual service providers are unable to access.
  • Door to door delivery of donated food on a flexible “take what you need” basis totaling more than 150 tons per year.
  • Inter-pantry food sharing service (more than 12 tons this year), so nothing gets wasted.
  • Storage and distribution of food donations too large for any one food pantry to manage. We never have to say no to a good thing!
  • Periodic, wholesale purchase and distribution of high quality/high demand food items such as fish and eggs.

Your support keeps Montgomery County's emergency food system strong and comes at no cost to service providers.

If you prefer to donate by check please mail to:
MontCo Anti-Hunger Network
23 Brookline Court
Ambler, PA 19002